2019, News

Kaliwood Coppicing

A light dusting of snow covered the ground of Kaliwood early a Friday morning. The team was fluid. Led by Paul, with Jim, John Esling, Mark, Pauline and Martin, was the first movement, and we broke into 2 groups: Paul and John beginning the hedge laying on the south east boundary and Pauline, Martin, Mark… Continue reading Kaliwood Coppicing


Elm table to the Oak wood cabin

MJ was for it. She goes for it. We reject the oak (too thin and 3 planks) and go with the Elm that has been resting for 2 years now. Two solid planks, waney edge to outside. We joined them with oak battons.   MJ and Jo in the wood - fixing the Elm table… Continue reading Elm table to the Oak wood cabin