Maps and wood dating

Thanks to Jon Ills, I now have a narrower date for Kaliwoods origin. Between 1883 and 1905. Jon found the maps searching the online database at the National Library of Scotland, showing no wood in 1883, but a map of Kaliwood as it is today, 1905.

National Scotland Map1883National Scotland Map1905

2 thoughts on “Maps and wood dating”

  1. If you didn’t know already, then here’s a little more ‘history’ for you: the arable field where your wood is today is named as ‘Upper Magdalen field’ in Holton’s ‘Tithe Apportionment’ book (dated 1841). It was in the ownership of the Reverend John Brewster Wilkinson, and in the occupation of James Balls – who I believe farmed from Corner Farm, Holton.
    The accompanying ‘Tithe Map’ (dated 1838) also shows two much smaller enclosures within the area. One, a very small triangle in the northeast corner; and the other, a slightly larger area in the southeast corner (in the area where the three small ponds are shown on the old Ordnance Survey maps). These are named simply ‘Plantation’, with their ‘State of Cultivation’ being described as, ‘Wood’, i.e. woodland. The large field to the south is named ‘Lower Magdalen field’, so the two fields would likely to have been a single enclosure at some point. But as to why they were named as such, I have no idea.
    Anyway, I will happily forward you the relevant extracts from the map and apportionment book, if you’d like?


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