2023, Land, News

March 1,000 whips arrived

Thanks to The Tree Council as a part of the 2022/23 Network Rail Community Tree Planting Programme via Suffolk Tree Wardens, an unexpected gift of over 1,000 whips arrived to make a new hedge on the land.

It was a busy day: Geoff came to visit for the first time. Gill had a minor stroke, and I took care of John who kept warm in the ‘warm room’ of the cabin. Michael rocked up unexpectedly. The 1,000 whips arrived, and we needed to urgently find containers for water. Pippa arrived left and returned with what she had. Justin gave what he had, and I collected water butts from East Lodge. We emptied the water container next to the static, and this is just March. Chris, Peter, Theo, Alice, Gabrielle, all helped out.

Not 1,000, but 3,500! Yikes


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